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Shipping service.
Insurance service.
Third party inspect service.
Free consult for tire market and sales.
Product Inspection Service
We have 178 engineering and technical personnel, national senior engineer 15 person.
The introduction of high-quality raw materials, relying on advanced production technology, sophisticated equipment and complete quality testing and control means, the production of West Cape, Alpina.

Visual inspection
Tire balance
X-ray inspection
Finished tyres
Vulcanization instrument from America's Law Instrument Technology
X-ray testing machine from German Koeman Company
Dynamic balance test machine from Japan Kosai Company
High-speed durability machine from Kiah Series Industrial
Tyre mileage tester from Kunshan Research Technology
Semi-automatic pressure molding machine from Shanghai Xiweimali Rubber Machinery
Mission: Focus on premium quality tires supply and service solutions.



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