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355PC BMW Special Tool Trolley Set 6677

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6677 355PC BMW Special Tool Trolley Set
  • 6677


Item 6677 355PC BMW Special Tool Trolley Set



ItemDescriptionNumberSizeMOQ6677BMW Tool Set355 PCS86*58*96CM1 Set

This tools trolley is especially for BMW Center.

The First Layer(6687A)135pcs Socket Tool Trolley Set

  • 20pcs 12.5MM series Metric 6 -PT Socket Set: 8-32mm

  • 11PCS 12.5MM series Metric 6 -PT long Socket Set:10-22mm

  • 12PCS 10MM series Metric 6 -PT Socket Set:8-19mm

  • 13PCS 6.3MM series Metric 6 -PT Socket Set: 4-14MM

  • 3PCS Professional Quick Ratchet Handle: 6.3mm, 10mm, 12.5mm

  • 1PCS 1/2" Dr. L - Handle, 10"

  • 3PCS Universal Joint

  • 3PCS Extension Bar

  • 2PCS Adapter Socket: 3/8″F-1/4″M, 1/2″F-3/8″M

  • 2PCS 1/2" Revolve Extension Bar: 5", 10"

  • 16PCS Hex Bit (S2)

  • 13PCS Spine Bit (S2)

  • 28PCS Torx Bit (S2) and Torx Hole Bit

  • 2PCS 5-star hole bit (S2)

  • 2PCS 12.5MM Bit Holder

  • 3PCS Spark Plug Socket

  • 1PCS 1/4″ Extension Bar, 2"

The Second Layer(6688B)34pcs Wrench Tool Trolley Set

  • 21pcs Combination Wrench:6MM—32MM

  • 13pcs Open End Wrench:6*7MM—30*32MM

The Third Layer(6688C)17pcs Pliers & Screwdriver Tool Trolley Set


  • 9pcs Pliers: Linsman Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Diagonal Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers, Grip Plier, Retainer Pliers

  • 8pcs Screwdriver: 3*75mm,5*100mm,6*38mm,6*150mm,PH#0*75mm,PH#1*100mm ,PH#2*38mm,PH#2*150mm

The Fourth Layer (6699D):60PCS Auto Tool Trolley Set


  • 9pcs Long Hex Key set :1.5-10MM

  • 9pcs Long Arm Hex Key Set:T10-T50

  • 9pcs Long Ball Hex Key set :1.5-10MM

  • 5pcs Punch group: Flat spade, center punch, puncher, etc.

  • 1pcs Screw Extractor Set

  • 6pcs T- Socket Wrench:8-14MM

  • 2pcs 1/2" DR Cylinder head Socket,: T52,M9 (TOYOTA)

  • 3pcs Spark Plug Socket:14,16,21MM

  • 13pcs Auto tool: Automotive Voltage Tester, Dust Gun, Snap Off Knife, Finishing Hammer, Machinist''s Hammer, Magnetic Pick Up Tool, Blade Feeler Gauge, Tape Measure

The Fifth Layer (6677A): 19PCS BMW Chain Drive & Engine Timing Tool Trolley Set


  • Comprehensive Setting and Locking Kit for BMW, Land Rover and Morgan chain drive M60 and M62 series engines. The kit also includes the essential tooling for setting the Vanos units, and correctly positioning the inlet camshaft sensor plates.

  • Suitable for setting and locking camshafts on chain-driven BMW Vanos engines.

The Sixth Layer (6677B): 24PCS Bearing Strip Fixture/Spring Remover/ Installer Tool Trolley Set

The Seventh Layer (6677C): 18PCS Engine Timing Tool Trolley Set


Setting and locking kit suitable for a wide range of BMW 2.5 & 3.0 chain drive, six cylinder, twin camshaft petrol engines. Kit covers N51/N52/N52Kvalvetronic and N53/N54/N55 direct injection engines, and includes Vanos alignment plates for these engines.

The Eighth Layer (6677D): 18PCS Engine Timing Tool Trolley Set


Special designed to located and turn the camshaft in correct TDC position.

The timing tool is designed to hold the camshaft pulley for turning the central bolt.

The Ninth Layer (6677E): 29PCS Engine Twin Camshaft Setting/Locking Kit Tool Trolley Set


Suitable for setting and adjusting the timing on 1.6 BMW N40, N45 and N45T chain driven petrol engines and for aligning the VANOS units on the inlet and exhaust camshafts.

The N42 and N46 1.8 & 2.0 twin camshaft petrol engines have Vanos variable camshaft timing units on both inlet and exhaust camshafts and the BMW Valvetronic system which varies the timing and the lift of the inlet valves. 

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