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267PCS Porsche Tool Trolley Set 6680

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267PCS Porsche Tool Trolley Set(5 wheels, 7 drawers)
  • 6680



Item 6680 267PCS Porsche Tool Trolley Set(5 wheels, 7 drawers)



ItemDescriptionNumberSizeWeightMOQ6680Porsche Tool Set26786.5*57*100CM 1 Set

This tools trolley is especially for Porsche Center.

First Layer(6687A)135pcs Socket Tool Trolley Set

  • 20pcs 12.5MM series Metric 6 -PT Socket Set: 8-32mm

  • 11PCS 12.5MM series Metric 6 -PT long Socket Set:10-22mm

  • 12PCS 10MM series Metric 6 -PT Socket Set:8-19mm

  • 13PCS 6.3MM series Metric 6 -PT Socket Set: 4-14MM

  • 3PCS Professional Quick Ratchet Handle: 6.3mm, 10mm, 12.5mm

  • 1PCS 1/2" Dr. L - Handle, 10"

  • 3PCS Universal Joint

  • 3PCS Extension Bar

  • 2PCS Adapter Socket: 3/8″F-1/4″M, 1/2″F-3/8″M

  • 2PCS 1/2" Revolve Extension Bar: 5", 10"

  • 16PCS Hex Bit (S2)

  • 13PCS Spline Bit (S2)

  • 28PCS Torx Bit (S2) and Torx Hole Bit

  • 2PCS 5-star hole bit (S2)

  • 2PCS 12.5MM Bit Holder

  • 3PCS Spark Plug Socket

  • 1PCS 1/4″ Extension Bar, 2"

Second Layer(6688B)34pcs Wrench Tool Trolley Set

  • 21pcs Combination Wrench:6MM—32MM

  • 13pcs Open End Wrench:6*7MM—30*32MM

Third Layer(6688C)17pcs Pliers & Screwdriver Tool Trolley Set


  • 9pcs Pliers: Linsman Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Diagonal Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers, Grip Plier, Retainer Pliers

  • 8pcs Screwdriver: 3*75mm,5*100mm,6*38mm,6*150mm,PH#0*75mm,PH#1*100mm ,PH#2*38mm,PH#2*150mm

Fourth Layer (6699D):60PCS Auto Tool Trolley Set


  • 9pcs Long Hex Key set :1.5-10MM

  • 9pcs Long Arm Hex Key Set:T10-T50

  • 9pcs Long Ball Hex Key set :1.5-10MM

  • 5pcs Punch group: Flat spade, center punch, puncher, etc.

  • 1pcs Screw Extractor Set

  • 6pcs T- Socket Wrench:8-14MM

  • 2pcs 1/2" DR Cylinder head Socket,: T52,M9 (TOYOTA)

  • 3pcs Spark Plug Socket:14,16,21MM

  • 13pcs Auto tool: Automotive Voltage Tester, Dust Gun, Snap Off Knife, Finishing Hammer, Machinist''s Hammer, Magnetic Pick Up Tool, Blade Feeler Gauge, Tape Measure

Fifth Layer (6680A):8PCS Porsche Cayenne Camshaft Aligment Tool Kit


This tool is designed to adjust the timings for the camshafts.

Used to R&R crankshaft pulley bolt.

2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo (9PA) V8-4.8L Turbo Camshaft Adjustments.

Setting camshaft timing on 4.8 liter DFI engine.

Sixth Layer(6680B):12PCS Porsche Camshaft Alignment Timing Tool


This kit has the required components for the Porsche Flat 6 engines.

Comprehensive tool kit to allow proper camshaft timing on the Porsche 997 series.

This product should be used together with Camshaft Alignment Tool – Porsche - 911 Boxster.

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