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72 Tire maintenance Tool Trolley Set 6685

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Item 6685 72 Tire maintenance Tool Trolley Set
  • 6685
Item 6685 72 Tire maintenance Tool Trolley Set



● Professional tools, carries on the modular combinations. Powerful Function, fully meet the high-end customer demand, professional, standard, beautiful appearance, is a set of perfect tool solution.
                       ● Equipped with advanced eight layers and 5 wheel, triple security lock, strong load-bearing, safety, efficiency and humanization.
                       ● Within the creative combination to meet different customer needs, is the 4 s station, school, oems,overseas users ideal choice. Highly recommended by Land rover, jaguar, lexus, acura, Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, audi and other well-known brands.

Packing list:
                       The first drawer

11100112.5MMDR. 6-point Socket, 8mm121100212.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,9mm131100312.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,10mm141100412.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,11mm151100512.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,12mm161100612.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,13mm171100712.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,14mm181100812.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,15mm191100912.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,16mm1101101012.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,17mm1111101112.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,18mm1121101212.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,19mm1131101312.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,20mm1141101412.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,21mm1151101512.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,22mm1161101612.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,23mm1171101712.5MMDR. 6-point Socket,24mm118119031/2″DR. Quick Release Reversible Ratchet, 48T*250mm119190041/2″DR. Universal Joint1201911412.5MMDR.Revolve Extension Bar,5″1211911512.5MMDR.Revolve Extension Bar,10″1221900112.5MMDr.L-Handle1231801012.5MMDR. 6-point Impact Socket,17mm1241801212.5MMDR. 6-point Impact Socket,19mm1251801412.5MMDR. 6-point Impact Socket,21mm1261801612.5MMDR. 6-point Impact Socket,23mm12722103Combination Wrenches ,8mm12822104Combination Wrenches  ,9mm12922105Combination Wrenches,10mm13022106Combination Wrenches ,11mm13122107Combination Wrenches,12mm13222108Combination Wrenches,13mm13322109Combination Wrenches,14mm13422110Combination Wrenches,15mm13522111Combination Wrenches,16mm13622112Combination Wrenches ,17mm13722113Combination Wrenches,18mm13822114Combination Wrenches ,19mm13922115Combination Wrenches ,20mm14022116Combination Wrenches ,21mm14122117Combination Wrenches  ,22mm14222119Combination Wrenches ,24mm14322122Combination Wrenches  ,27mm1

The second drawer

121204Adjustable Wrenches,12"1232207Screwdriver Slotted, 6*100mm1332307Screwdriver Slotted, PH#2*100mm1441302Slip Joint Pliers ,8"1543102Industrial Linesman Pliers,8"1643202Industrial Long Nose Pliers,8"1741603Curved Jaw Locking Pliers,10"1851501TAPE  MEASURES7.5M1971005VaTire vacuum mouth and remove11075002Luxury Air Blower11181013Quick Connectors11273021Oil Filter Wrench11351502Vernier calipers0-150mm11451503Electric torch11541303Nutcracker1

The Third Drawer

151302Ball Hammer2LB1271001Tire inflation gun1371003Valve Core Wrench14730151/2"Torque Wrench1551802Snap Off Knife1651803Scissors1771039Pinch roller1871040Tyre repair kit2941304Plumbing combination pliers,8"11051403Tire consumption gauge111B-841Pneumatic Angle Grinding Machine1

71008New Lug Wrench 17*19*21*1/2″,20″1

Mission: Focus on premium quality tires supply and service solutions.



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